Below is a list of the institutions that will be taking part in the conference.


These are institutions eager to make the (science-) world a better place – in general, and as a matter of course also for young scientists. At the marketplace of the conference initiatives and institutions present their ways and support offers to overcome the challenges of young scientists.

Crest – Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology

The Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST) is a research centre at Stellenbosch University. Its work covers the broad fields of bibliometrics and scientometrics, research on higher education knowledge production, human resources in science and technology, research evaluation and impact assessment studies and studies on the communication patterns of scientists.

The Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS)

The ‘Global State of Young Scientists’ working group leads and guides empirical research projects investigating the context in which early-career researchers today work, and the challenges and motivations that shape their career trajectories.

Mawazo Institute

The Mawazo Institute is a non-profit research institute that supports the next generation of female thought leaders and scholars in Africa, and gets policymakers and the public engaged with their research. 

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences – AIMS

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is Africa’s first network of centres of excellence in mathematical sciences. The institute enables the continent’s youth to shape the continent’s future through Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education- training Africa’s next generation of leaders. 

Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (ESDA)

ESDA, Education for Sustainable Development in Africa, is an inter-university collaboration program of graduate training and research among eight African Partner Universities for promoting sustainable development in Africa.

Next Einstein Forum – NEF 

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) is an initiative of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in partnership with Robert Bosch Stiftung. The NEF is a platform that connects science, society and policy in Africa and the rest of the world – with the goal to leverage science for human development globally.

Alexander  Von Humboldt

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation promotes academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from Germany.

African Women in Science and Engineering – AWSE

African Women in Science and Engineering (AWSE) is an organization that seeks to increase the numbers of competent women scientists and engineers within Africa. AWSE determines to do this through various programs, spanning high schools through to the career scientist and engineer..

DAAD Alumni Association

DAAD alumni associations are formed all over the world by former scholarship holders of the German Academic Exchange Service. They secure an active, long-term cooperative partnership between the DAAD and its alumni and support networking and knowledge sharing through their activities.

African Women in Agricultural Research and Development – AWARD

African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) works towards inclusive, agriculture-driven prosperity for the African continent by strengthening the production and dissemination of more gender-responsive agricultural research and innovation.

Participating Institutions

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